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every day would be a holiday from real!

WELCOME ( we used to be friends )

Welcome to vm_chorus, a Veronica Mars lyrical icon challenge community.

Each week a new set of lyrics will be chosen. Participants will have until Friday to submit up to three icons using at least three words from the lyric set. Extra guidelines may be provided for individual challenges and only icons that meet all of the requirements will be considered for awards. We encourage icon makers of all levels, from beginner to expert, to participate and see what they can do!

Now a few orders of business and we can begin!

MODERATORS astonish and delirious are your moderators, so feel free to direct any questions or concerns to either them. The easiest way to reach us to leave a comment on this post and we will get back to asap!

LYRICS If you have suggestions for lyric sets to be used in future challenges, please fill out the following form and comment with it. We ask that you include a minimum of four lines from the lyrics to give our icon makers some flexibility. You can include the whole song if you would like, but we need at least four lines.


AFFILIATES If you would like to be affiliated with vm_chorus, please comment this post with the name of your community and we would be happy to trade links!
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