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vm_chorus's Journal

VERONICA MARS CHORUS ( we used to be friends )
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Welcome to vm_chorus, an icon challenge community inspired by the likes of lost_chorus and buffy_chorus.

Each week a new set of lyrics will be chosen. Participants will have until Friday to submit up to three icons using at least three words from the lyric set. Extra guidelines may be provided for individual challenges and only icons that meet all of the requirements will be considered for awards.

astonish and delirious are your moderators, so feel free to direct any questions or concerns to either them. The quickest way to get assistance is to comment on this post and one of us will get in touch asap!

001 You must be a member of this community to submit icons to the challenge. You must be a registered user to vote. No anonymous submissions or votes will be accepted.
002 You may submit up to three icons per challenge. All icons must be original to you. You cannot take another icon maker's base and adjust it before claiming it as your own. If you are caught doing that you will not be allowed to participate.
003 All submissions must meet the size requirements for LJ icons. Icons may be still or animated, but must include at least three words from the lyric set.
004 You must host your icon(s) until the challenge has concluded and winners have been announced. Use hosts such as Photobucket at your own risk as URLs cannot be changed once voting has begun.
005 You may use screencaps, promo pics, and other photo shoots that include Veronica Mars cast members in your icons. You may also use any stock photography you would like.
006 Entries must remain anonymous until voting has concluded, so do not post your entries anywhere else until the winners have been announced.

To submit your entry, reply to the challenge post with your entry. Your comment will be screened so only you and the mods can see them. You need a host that allows direct linking and you should post both the image and the URL like the example below.


If you would like to submit a lyric set for consideration in future challenges, please visit this post.

SUNDAY Voting ends at 10:00pm cst. New challenge begins.
MONDAY - FRIDAY Icon submission. Awards posted.
FRIDAY Entries accepted until 10:00pm cst.
SATURDAY - SUNDAY Voting open.

Following the conclusion of the submission period, a post will be made with all of the icons that were submitted. On that post, please comment with your top three favorite icons. Please vote for no more than three and no less than three. Do not vote for yourself and do not solicit votes for yourself.



Want to be one? Affiliates do not have to be Veronica Mars related.